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Desktop Hot and Cold Water Dispenser for Home YLR2-5-X(26T)
Desktop Hot and Cold Water Dispenser for Home YLR2-5-X(26T)
Desktop Hot and Cold Water Dispenser for Home YLR2-5-X(26T)
Desktop Hot and Cold Water Dispenser for Home YLR2-5-X(26T)

Desktop Hot and Cold Water Dispenser for Home YLR2-5-X(26T)

  1. MOQ: 1 PC
  2. Payment: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Cash
  3. Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  4. Brand: JNDWATER
  5. Service: OEM, ODM, Customized
  6. Certification: CE, TUV, SGS, FCC
  7. Delivery Time: Within 7 days after full payment.

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Product Information


Hot and cold water dispenser for home can use special anti-scald faucet to protect the safety of children,hot and cold water dispenser for home are household machines and equipment that purify water to three standards for direct drinking water. Through multi-stage purification, high-tech ingredients are incorporated to make the water small-molecule and weakly alkaline, so that tap water in the family can achieve the effect of direct drinking, thereby making it easier for the human body to absorb and regulating the acid-base balance of the body.


R134A Compressor Cooling

  • ◪    Cook and Cold type is available

  • ◪   Adopt the material met food safety requirement, hygienic and safe

  • ◪   Both hot and cold tanks are made of high quality SS304 stainless steel

  • ◪   Regular hot tank size 1.2 liter, cold tank size 3.8 liter (hot and cold tank size can be made as per customer’s special request)

  • ◪    Inside heater or outside heater or re-heating function is optional



Technical Parameters



Model YLR2-5-X(26T) YLR2-5-X(26T-G)
AC Voltage 220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ 220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ
Cooling Power(W) 112 112
Heating Power(W) 500 500
Cooling Capacity(L/H) ≤10℃ 2L/H ≤10℃ 2L/H
Heating Capacity(L/H) ≥90℃ 5L/H ≥90℃ 5L/H
Energy Consumption 1.65kW.h/24h 1.65kW.h/24h
Working Ambient 10-38℃ 10-38℃
Electric Shock Protection Type I I
N.W.(KGS0) 11.5 11.5
G.W.(KGS) 12.5 12.5
Unit Meas.(MM) 310×310×510 310×310×510
Regular Packing Meas.(MM) 360×390×560 360×390×560
Simple Packing Meas.(MM) 330×360×550 330×360×550


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Product Details



barrel holder


Compressor cooling system






Cold tank


Hot tank



Product Certificate


Hot and Cold Water Dispensers for Home | JND Water

With our hot and cold water dispenser for home, enjoy the great health benefits from quality and instant water with best price-performance ratio.

It is quite tough to choose from a wide range of filters, purifiers, and water dispenser. This is mainly because people want to be extra safe when it comes to drinking water. Water is necessary for life and that is the reason it should be chosen with caution. But, we also do not want to spend a lot of money on these. If you are one of those people, then get the hot and cold water dispensers for home. These are safe, and they dispense purified water at any temperature you like.

Features To Check:


When it comes to the hot and cold water dispenser for home, the first thing to be discussed should be the temperature. As the name suggests, these dispensers can dispense both types of water. You can even mix both types of water to get the perfect temperature that you want. This is an excellent feature of these dispensers. One of the many features of these dispensers is that they don't let any scale form on the water. You should avoid mineral water because scales can quickly form in this kind of water and can also burst the heating tube. You will also get a re-heating option in some dispensers.


These dispensers have excellent water storing capacity of a total of 2 liters. This capacity is divided between the hot tank and the cold tank. You can customize the capacity of the tank as your requirement. This can be divided equally or more for one tank and less for the other. You can ask the company to customize this for you.

·Cost efficiency

Most of the people avoid buying a water dispenser mostly because there is a misconception that it costs a lot. But it is completely wrong. They are extremely affordable, and you can easily afford one. Compared to the features that the dispensers have the cost is quite low.

·Size and weight

When it comes to the weight and size of hot and cold water dispenser for home light and compact are the two words that are perfect to describe it. Yes, they do not take up much space, and you can place it wherever you want. You can place it on a safe corner of the house on a table or a stool. These are lightweight than most pf the water purifiers. Thus it will not put much pressure on the surface it is placed on, and you can easily carry it. These are convenient to carry and compact with respect to size and weight.


It is extremely easy to install these water dispensers. If it does not come assembled, you can simply follow the steps in the manual book and install it on your own. Or you can even call a professional to install it. But, it will cost you some extra penny to call a professional and get the job done.


Always choose the right dispenser, because it is a question of health and hygiene. So, surf through as many options as you can.

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