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Mini Cold Water Dispenser JND-890C
Mini Cold Water Dispenser JND-890C
Mini Cold Water Dispenser JND-890C
Mini Cold Water Dispenser JND-890C
Mini Cold Water Dispenser JND-890C
Mini Cold Water Dispenser JND-890C
Mini Cold Water Dispenser JND-890C
Mini Cold Water Dispenser JND-890C

Mini Cold Water Dispenser JND-890C

  1. Model: JND-890C
  2. MOQ: 1 pcs
  3. Payment: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  4. Place of Origin: China,GuangDongle
  5. Brand: JNDWATER
  6. Service: OEM, ODM, Customized
  7. Certification: CE, CQC, GS
  8. Delivery Time: within 7 days after full payment

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Product Information

Shenzhen jndwater, as a mini water dispenser manufacturer, has decades of manufacturing experience and a professional manufacturing team. To meet most of the customer's needs, we have developed many water dispenser molds for customers to choose from, such as penguins, frogs, etc. Various styles and high quality.



Characteristic description

  • ◪    With lovely appearance,light and convenient, space saving,Use in the office, bedroom, kitchen and so on

  • ◪   As it fits exactly 8 glasses of water, once its empty you'll know you've met your recommended water intake for the day,Cap features recycling use

  • ◪   Can add an ice tube in the water bottle in order to make water cool,Color: white, pink (Other colors for choice if order 2100 pcs)



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Product Certificate


Leading Mini Water Dispenser Manufacturer | JND Water

As China's leading mini water dispenser manufacturer, JND Water offers a wide range of products with balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Water dispensers are a major utility for every household. The present-day human life is already hectic enough to care about things that people can easily do away with. Water dispensers make life easy by making hot or cold water available to you within seconds. The drinking water that is made available to us contains many impurities like aluminium, lead, and copper. A water dispenser helps to eliminate these impurities from drinking water and makes it fit for drinking in a jiffy.

However, not every house is spacious enough to accommodate huge water dispensers. JND Water is a leading mini water dispenser manufacturer that can offer you the best quality water dispensers.

Why Should You Bring Home A Mini Water Dispenser

As has been explained by mini water dispenser manufacturers, there are a number of benefits of installing water dispensers at home. Stated below are some of them:

  1. 1.It helps you to save a lot of money because buying a water dispenser doesn't require any installation charge.
  2. 2.It is easy to clean.
  3. 3.It is very easy to use.
  4. 4.It helps you to save a lot of money and hence is cost-effective.
  5. 5.A mini water dispenser fits almost everywhere. You can place it in the corner of the kitchen, or on the table, according to your convenience.
  6. 6.It can filter out all the impurities and enhance the taste of your drinking water.

Being one of the best and the leading mini water dispenser manufacturer, JND Water offers you a wide range of options to choose from!

About Mini Water Dispensers Manufactured By JND Water

JND Water designs mini water dispensers that strike a perfect balance between utility and aesthetics. The Shenzhen water dispenser stands class apart in terms of utility and appearance, and it immediately arrests the customers. With years of experience and a highly skilled team, the company has come up with a mini water dispenser that can meet the needs of the customers. There is a wide range of design options to choose from, such as panda, cat, pig, rabbit, frog, penguin, and many more. This product is rich in both style and quality.

Features Of The Product

Below are some of the product features that can help you make your choice clear:
1.The product does not require power to function.
2.It has a lovely appearance. It is lightweight and portable. Owing to its small size, it is convenient to store and helps to save a lot of space. This water dispenser is suitable to be used in offices, kitchens, bedrooms, and so on.
3.This dispenser helps you to keep track of your daily water intake. The dispenser has a capacity of 8 glasses of water. Thus, once the dispenser is over, you will know that you have had sufficient water throughout the day.
4.This water dispenser doesn't have a feature that can cool water. However, one can choose to add the ice tube inside the dispenser to make the water cool.

It is now easy to own a water dispenser without making your house look jam-packed. An amalgamation of fashion and utility, these mini water dispensers are a must-have!

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